About HoCoTex.com

My name is Tony Claxton and I am a photographer based in Big Spring, Texas.

For a long time I've wanted to do a pictorial history/story of Howard County, Texas. I want it to include both the past and present and include things like historic buildings, long-time clubs and groups, businesses, and all different kinds of things. The only thing required is that anything blogged about has to have a presence in Howard County. Well, I've recently retired and have decided to jump in and do it.

I want this to be a cooperative effort between myself and the people of Howard County to find interesting people/places/events to shoot (with a camera!) and get some nice pictures of them/it and have a story or information about it. Each blog entry I do will be for one person/family/place/event that I've shot. Eventually I would like to have a catalog of entries that will show what Howard County is like during this time in it's history plus some entries that give information about it's past.

I would ask that if you know something about a person, place, event or thing that you think should be included then please let me know about it or let someone know to contact me with the information.


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