Thursday, February 21, 2013

Welcome To!


Welcome to! This blog aims to cover anything and everything to do with Howard County, Texas.

These blog entries will be a combination of pictures and text, with enough text to let you know what the pictures are about, and what makes the subjects of the pictures interesting to me, and why I wanted to include them in my blog.

Things I want to eventually include here are businesses of all kinds, such as restaurants, realtors, automotive, farms, ranches, etc. Also, I would like to include landscapes, old buildings, families and individuals, and anything else that helps define what Howard County is about. If you would like something included here, there needs to be some interesting information or story about the subject to include with the pictures.

Depending on the subject of the blog entry, there will be one or more pictures and anywhere from just a few sentences to a short story's worth of information. If I have more pictures than are included in the blog post then there will be a link, somewhere, to the rest of the pictures. These pictures will be on Zenfolio, which is where I upload all of the pictures I do in my photography business.

While, initially, I would like to make this blog into something entertaining and interesting to residents of Howard County, and those who wish they were, I eventually hope to be able to make this into something that might be of use to people, and/or businesses, thinking of moving to this area who want to learn something about it.

If you know of anything that you think would be of interest to people reading this blog then please let the appropriate person know to contact me or let me know about it in the comments on this blog. I'll see what I can do. This includes any events you have coming up, especially if it is something that happens regularly.

Thanks for reading this and, hopefully, thank you for any ideas and suggestions for things to include that you may have.

Tony Claxton


  1. I think this is a great idea. If I can help by suggesting some person, place or thing I'll let you know - Dad

  2. sounds wonderful thanks for starting this

  3. Tony, this is so neat. I think it is a great idea!!!!

  4. Its a wonderful thing for you to do. Thank you, I will enjoy your blogs.

  5. I wish some old timers would post memories............. like the time Dad played guitars back stage with Elvis.

  6. Can't wait to read memories and follow this blog. Sorry, Mindy, but I'm not an OLD TIMER!!!

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